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Are you looking for work, transitioning to a new career, or want to accelerate your current career?

Join thousands of professionals from around the world to build the PowerSkills that will help you achieve your career goals!

PowerSkills 2021 is a free 3-day virtual career summit that is sure to inspire, motivate, create, and connect with a dynamic series of keynote addresses, workshops, webinars, panel discussions and café chats featuring powerhouse speakers.

PowerSkills 2021 Themes


It’s not about the crisis at hand or the everyday challenges that plague us, the power lies in our response to adversity, and to effectively recover, armed with the knowledge that we can overcome challenges and emerge stronger and wiser.   


Like the phoenix who burst into flames and rose from the ashes, we too have the tools to unlearn and relearn, and re-emerge with re-purposed skills and re-energized to tackle new challenges in new realities. 


There is power in lifelong learning and continuing education. As the world and everything in it evolves at a sometimes-blinding pace, we must be ready to learn how to successfully navigate ever-changing realities. 

A Look Back at Powerskills 2020

Presentations, Workshops, Webinars & Panel Discussions
Balarama Holness

Balarama Holness to Kick Off PowerSkills 2021

Who better to speak to power skills and the courage to strike back, than Balarama Holness, who will kick-off PowerSkills 2021 with a keynote address on January 21, at 9 a.m. ET?

No one!

Stay tuned for our full PowerSkills 2021 lineup! In the meantime check out the PowerSkills 2020 PowerLineUp replays.

2021 PowerSkills Keynote Speakers

Balarama Holness
Marcos Carvalho
Alexandria Wozniak
Sandra Reich
Hassan Akmal
Iris Krasnow
Terumi Okano
Full Line-up

What People are Saying

I am very much looking forward to the 2021 edition of the Powerskills program. I had an incredible time and actually got inspired to start a new business following the offered presentations during Powerskills 2020 and I do thank the team in addressing current challenges. 


So glad to be part of your network, and to contribute to PowerSkills, amidst such a wonderful array of speakers!  

I’m so excited, it is indeed a great pleasure of mine 😄  

Thank You and the entire CATS team for the opportunity, and for putting such a valuable week together 🙌 


I attended 9 different sessions and was inspired, empowered and finally learnt a lot. Looking forward to attending future sessions that your department organizes. It was a pleasure to meet you and talk to you too in break out rooms. 


I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference last week.  The quality of the speakers was uniformly excellent and I can’t believe I had access to it all for free! 


The event was so motivating, and the sessions were informative, resourceful and so interactive. Thank you so much for the opportunity to one and all. 


It was a great time to attend the PowerSkills 2020.  The health crisis makes it easy to be stuck in isolation. Events like PowerSkills 2020 gives us a chance to spend some time together and learn from talented and gifted speakers. 


I’ve been working for 30 years, and never asked myself some ofthese questions. Lots of food for thought today.  thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. 


Dear CATS Team, I participated in your virtual career conference on PowerSkills, and I thought it was an amazing event. It was also there where I heard about the services offered by CATS, and it made me want to reach out to find out more. CV, jobs, etc.


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